JIE 2016 & agile system engineering

Dominique Biraud from the SPECIEF (the french requirement engineering association) kindly invited me to present some of the ideas of this blog, especially those geared towards specification, at the French Day of Requirement Engineering 2016 (JIE 2016).


JIE 2016.png
The conference took place in an awesome amphitheater inside La Sorbonne

Here’s the slideshow of what I presented this day (in French): Presentation JIE 2016 – exigences agiles meddev

Worth noting is the fact that several speakers were experimenting with agile methodologies inside their organizations specialized in large systems design (such as turbojet engines or trucks). The driving force is always the same: the software guys went agile and there’s no turning back; the others are wondering what good they can take from these methodologies and how they can adapt to the new situation. Since software is always an important part in systems, this debate will spread and become ubiquitous.

I heard there of a promising attempt to merge agile methodologies and system design: SAFe LSE (Scaled Agile Framework for Lean System Engineering). SAFe is one method for scaling agile practices (others include LeSS and Nexus).

I couldn’t agree more with SAFe LSE manifesto:



SAFe LSE schema
SAFe LSE overview

Has someone used it in the trenches?

I bet someday this framework (or a similar one) will take over as leading methodology for system design. Definitely a growing field to monitor.

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